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Cookie Dough Slice Box

A Mixed box of four of our safe to eat Cookie Dough Slices! Because the best part of making cookies is eating the dough!

The JULY/AUGUST box contains

·       Bounty (N, Coconut) - Milk chocolate chip, bounty, and coconut cookie dough topped with milk chocolate spread, coconut, and a Bounty

·       Snickers (N, Peanut) - Milk chocolate, gold chocolate, and peanut cookie dough topped with milk chocolate spread, swirls of caramel and peanut butter, and half a Snickers

·       Fudge - Gold chocolate chip and fudge cookie dough topped with milkwhite chocolate spread and half a Fudge

·       Toffee Crisp - Rice Krispie and milk chocolate chip cookie dough tipped with milk chocolate spread with swirls of caramel and half a Toffee Crisp

  • N = Contains Nuts, GFI = Gluten Free Ingredients.

Please note that our kitchen handles gluten, peanuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. Full ingredient information can be found in the product image gallery.

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Cookie Dough Slice Box